Come see us at the Indie Art Fair & Craft Jam in Garden City, Michigan on September 26!
Come see us at the Indie Art Fair & Craft Jam in Garden City, Michigan on September 26!
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About us

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."
-Khalil Gibran


Hello and welcome to our happy place!  Backcountry Sunrise is a small business located in Michigan that came to exist when I decided to take a period of new beginnings in my life to utilize my background in art and pursue a dream.  I had a vision of turning my illustrations into wearable art, inspired by my love of nature and gardening.  I wanted to create something that would serve a greater purpose and would allow me to be able to give back in some way.  


The process:

I have always loved drawing and considered majoring in scientific illustration.  Fast forward many years - I draw illustrations of things I love, then convert and prepare to cut them out on a CNC laser. Each part of an illustration is cut separately and assembled like a puzzle by hand to create little pieces of wearable art. 


The mission:

For those that don't know me personally, I care a great deal about the conservation of and advocacy for "the little things that run the world" and doing our part to protect pollinators and butterflies.  Notably close to my heart is the monarch butterfly, which is currently an endangered species.  This is in large part due to habitat loss.  Every purchase you make with Backcountry Sunrise contributes to monarch conservation efforts, both on a local and nationwide level, with non-profit conservation and educational research programs and organizations, as well as reforestation efforts of monarch overwintering sites in Mexico.  


How you can help:

You can also make a difference by planting milkweed in your own yard and creating a butterfly habitat.  Milkweed is the host plant for the monarch butterfly and the only plant the monarch caterpillar can eat.  If you plant it, the butterflies will come!

Thank you so much for shopping with us and supporting a dream!


With love,